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Libraries downloaded by an older version of the Update Manger issue


Michal Karmazín:
We've recently found a bug in the RC 3.0.8 when using libraries downloaded with initial versions of Update Manager. Until we fix it, please download all your libraries again, in the following way:

1) Delete all content under C:\Users\<your windows user>\AppData\Local\Itoo Software\RailClone Pro
2) Remove the following registry key (by using the regedit.exe or by the attached .reg file): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Itoo Software\Update Manager\Packages
3) Open the Update Manager (Start menu->Itoo Software->RailClone Pro->Update Manager), and download all necessary libraries.

That should fix the problem. It's not necessary to update the content in render nodes, because problem affects only to the Library Browser.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


I installed the current version 3.0.8. Do I have to download each of the PCs that make network render with the update manager? I could not find files from a center.

Thank you

Michal Karmazín:

The recommendable way would be to download and create a distribution package of the assets using a computer that is connected to the internet. Then install these assets to the off-line computers (you can find the detailed description of this "To install packages on a computer without an internet connection" procedure in our on-line reference guide).

For render farms and large organizations where it is more efficient to update content silently, there are 3 options. You can find these under the "To use unattended installation" section.

One of the main reasons were the growing size of the installer and the necessity with any new release re-download all libraries & maps, though some didn't change since the last published version. Also, this way it allows to update / add new libraries at any time without need to release a new version of the plug-in itself.

Best regards,

the link in
"You can find these under the "To use unattended installation" section."
seems to be bugged


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