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Author Topic: Mapping problem (uvwxform and contnuity of the mapping)  (Read 2743 times)


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Mapping problem (uvwxform and contnuity of the mapping)
« on: August 07, 2017, 02:06:25 AM »
Im using railclone 2.7.4

my rc object consists of 2 segments. one for start, one for default, and one for end, which is the start segment mirrored. the base spline has many spline sub objects, all vertexes are unweld .

I am trying to get my mapping to be continuous on each group of start default end segments. lets say the texture is a simple noise. if its in object xyz, the mapping is continuous along the railclone object, and of course along all grops of start default end. uvw xform does nothing tho in this case. if i use explicit 2d, i have the offsets of the random uvw xform working, but the mapping is not countinuous along the groups of start default end.

i want continuous along groups of start default end, AND uvw xform to work so each group is mapped with an random offset. how would it be feasible ?

thank you
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Re: Mapping problem (uvwxform and contnuity of the mapping)
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 04:47:45 PM »

You can use the Sequence Operator in the Reset at Spline Section mode to wire used Segment this way just into the Generator's Default slot. The Random Parameter in the Generate on X Spline Section driving exported values Fixed Offset values of the UVW XForm Operator should do the trick. Attaching a sample scene done in RC3 as there are known limitations of the UVW XForm Operator in RC2.

Let me add, that unfortunatelly the "UV direction of opposite faces" doesn't correspond when the Box mapping is used - which results in different offset directions (that's how the Box mapping & UVW XForm modifier behaves by default in 3ds Max).

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