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Max 2023 + Vray 6+ RC

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Please,  try this:

- Open your scene locally.
- Open Rendering->"Scene Converter".
- Select in "Current Preset": "RemoveInvalidLegacyElements"
- Click "Convert Scene" and save.
- Submit it to Deadline.

It seems problem is caused by an old Mental Ray material plugin, which was added automatically to scenes by previous Max versions.
It was removed from Max when Mental Ray was deprecated, but old scenes and materials may include it yet. In this case, it was added to the scene by the materials used by FP and RC presets.

For some reason, scene loads fine in Max 2023 locally, but Deadline detects the issue and triggers an error. I could find it in the render node logs:

--- Code: ---2022-08-09 10:06:10:  2022/08/09 10:06:06 WRN: [19832] [22748] Missing dll: mrMaterialAttribs.gup - mental ray: material custom attribute
--- End code ---

I could reproduce the problem in a scene without FP and RC (collapsing them to a mesh).

I would suggest you report this issue to the Deadline support. Probably they can fix it.

This was definitely the cause of our pain! Thanks for the help on this :). Do you plan on removing Mental Ray materials from your library assets moving forward?

I'm glad the problem is solved.

In the past we considered to remove this gup from our scenes.
But that would require to upgrade the files to a recent Max version (2018 or above), breaking the compatibility for customers who use old versions.


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