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Whenever we add a RC object to our scene it renders fine locally. When we submit it to the render farm using RP Manager and Deadline it fails to render. Something is happening were RC doesn't allow for rendering with Deadline.

What Deadline version do you use ? What error did you get ? If possible, please post a screenshot.


If that helps, i did a quick test here, using latest Deadline (, RailClone 5.2.6 and V-Ray 6, and it renders without problems.

Currently using Didn't realize a new version of Deadline was out. Let me see if that fixes it.

So something still isn't right. Created a test scene on my machine with teapots and Vray6. Renders fine locally. Submitted to Deadline and renders fine. Add FP and or RC to scene. Render locally inside 3ds Max renders fine. If I submit to deadline and have the render farm try and load the scene to render and fails to "load file". I even submitted from my machine and turned my machine on to render via deadline. Scene fails to load even though it renders fine directly inside of 3ds Max 2023 on my machine. I have updated all of our plugins to the latest versions of Vray, RC, FP and Deadline that is currently out.

Austin Reed


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