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Author Topic: Problem with scaling Real World Size textures to different System Units scene.  (Read 367 times)


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I have a library created in System Units = cm with Real World Size bitmap textures in shaders.
I do projects in both SU=meters and SU= feet.

The problem is that if I load my library created in SU=cm to scene with SU=feets maps in the shaders are scaled incorrectly.
I made 4 different materials in the library with manually altered bitmap size to SU=cm,m, in, ft and also four different library Items. Unfortunately, in the long run, it became extremely impractical.

I have noticed also that RC native libraries deal with that problem but I cannot apply this approach to my libraries.

Does anyone know a solution to get properly scaled bitmaps to different System Units projects without dozens of additional materials and items in the library?

Here are screens with 'cm' library loaded to scene with SU=cm and scene with SU=inches.

I have also attached library files.

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That is 3ds Max scaling method. We have no influence in it. Solution is to not use RWS.