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After watching the first video concerning macros, in the set linked to in the email announcing Railclone 3,2. I decided to give them a try

I chose Bricks - Running Bond - as I recalled a few problems with brick walls and wondered if al those problems were solved.

However, first thing I noticed was that the macro being demonstrated was different to the one supplied with 3.2

Whenever I try to use the one supplied, I get half bricks at the beginning of the spline, as you would expect, then I get bricks on the corners, that are 45deg or if I deselect bend, I get bricks rotated at 45 deg on the corners. NOT as shown in the video, where they are at 90deg to each other on corners and overlap correctly.

Also rather annoyingly, in the video, you don't see the actual segments (bricks) being used.... and I have to model them laying on their side, to get them to appear correctly. So perhaps it is the way the bricks (segments) need to be modelled that I am confused about

It is all very confusing and when it states in the macros description, that corners overlap correctly, which as you can see, they obviously do not, it doesn't help.

While having all these macros is obviously helpful in speeding up workflow, for many tasks. Having no instructions of how they should be used, very short video or even some textual description, with a few pics, at least in this case, makes them almost unusable

Of course I tried to figure out what the macro was doing by clicking on edit, but that only succeeded in confusing me even more.

I think maybe we could have a brick wall library. Standard brick 21.5cm long, 10.2cm wide and 65 cm high. Grout size, should always be approx 1cm... Say with a nice selection of materials and say several bond patterns. Then just draw the wall spline, and let Railclone handle the rest.. Would be really nice too, if you could have it handle curved sections as well, which strangely the macro supplied can indeed do, just not right angles.

Try changing segments Alignment:

Tried all kind of permutations for Alignment, except that one of course haha.. Cheers Rokas

Is there a macro or set of macros that could achieve a spiraling/stepping fa├žade like Gensler's Shanghai Tower?  See attachments for more details. 


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