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Please use this post to share your RC3 macros with the community.

Could anyone share your diagrams showing your A2S Generators with macros and other mods. The more simple the better as I am trying to learn how to use them.  I followed the Itoo YouTube tutorial to set up a macro but I would like to see an entire diagram / tree / chart from someone.  Please and Thanks!


Can You please specify why macros included by iToo is not enough for You?
I attach a simple macro in maxfile for You to explore.

Let me know what else You would like to learn.

I think Itoo's macro's are going to be fine for what I want to produce.  I want to produce mostly screens/facades, mid-rise/high-rise architecture, paving patterns, custom furniture, etc... I'd like to learn how to create simple objects/elements and then tweak them with the built-in Itoo arithmetic macros to create customized paneling/patterns.  Most likely I phrased my inexperienced question incorrectly.

Thanks for the assistance!


Feel free to ask any question, the more specific, the better.
Happy to help.


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