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Author Topic: RC object doesn't render properly on animation (or with thinkbox's deadline)  (Read 1217 times)


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hello hello,

We have quite big issue, we have RC object that is not rendering properly while on animation.

Max 19 + vray

When rendered on individual PCs, everything is as should.
There are other RC objects that render properly in the scene.
No missing/miss-matched licences.
1600 segments in the scene, while limit is 500K, 10 mil polys while limit is 200 mil.

When submitting with deadline, it weirdly renders first couple of frames not in order (like 2,4,5) and then nothing.
Even the node that render frame 2 proper, is skipping in in any further frames.

No clue what is happening, doesnt give any error, anything.

Some idea what is happening ?

Thanks a lot.


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test in full scene


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Please, try to reproduce the problem in an new scene, with only the affected RailClone object.
If it fails as well, please send us the scene and we'll check it.

Carlos Quintero
iToo Software