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Hi guys,
I have this RC parking generator that places cars and parking lines along the lines (spline). For some reason cars that are vrayproxies and render fine in normal CPU vray render, under GPU engine or in Vantage render as boxes. My other RC generators render fine (I think) under GPU. Any ideas?


I'm afraid this is a limitation of RC when using proxies. It's logged in our system as a bug, but has not an easy solution.

As workaround, you can set the Display mode of the proxy to "Whole mesh". That fixes it.

I see, thanks!

Just tried to select "mesh" and nothing happens. It's a rather small parking lot so like 15 cars and I increased segments and polys to bilions so I don't think it's that. I updated vray to 6.2 so not sure but maybe it's due to that? Because I just noticed FP objects don't export to Vantage now after 6.2. Not sure if it's related.

Also just realized I posted this in FP instead of RC. Can someone move it please if necesary?


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