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Author Topic: RC3 Update Manager - Multiple Users/Install to network location(share packages)  (Read 2262 times)


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I just browsed through the documentation of the update manager.
Is there a way to change the default installation location of the packages or an install for all users checkbox?

If I understand right the packages are installed by default in the users home directory, so do I have to manually install the packages
for every user who works on a machine? Sorry but this would be really annoying, since with 5 workstations and at least 4 user accounts per machine
this already would amount to 20 installations?

Also how do I make sure that all renderslaves have access to the assets? I would prefer having an central location on our fileserver.

Don't get me wrong I think the update manager is a great idea, but the implementation right now is not the best in ways of user experience.
Many users would want an easy way to install and maintain the plugins to use with distributed rendering and on workstations with multiple users as well.

So I guess I'm proposing two things:
Add an 'install for all users' option and put the packages in central folder
Also give the option to install and share the packages to/from a network location.

This goes double if the update manager will be used for Forest too, where at the moment it is at least possible to point it to network locations via registry.

I hope will take this under consideration.

Also it would be nice if you could tell me what the proposed solution of installing rc3 in an multi-user/distributed rendering scenario is?

I have to install on 5 workstations (w/ network licenses), all are used by multiple users (up to 5 accounts), also there are about 10 slave-machines. And of course all machines have
access to a file server where I would like to put the assets from the packages so they are accessible during distributed rendering.
For Forest I'm doing this via manual copy and registry key, but I have no clue how I would do this for RC with the Update Manager, where at least the maps need to be accessible from all machines.

Thanks and kind regards


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Hi there,

right now we have planned to implement the "change location"  feature (in all it's ways). We hope we will have it in next releases.

The reason because you need to update all the packages with each user is permissions related.  At this moment, MAX checks periodically if there are updates available. Let the users update themselves implies using the users folder (using an "all users available folder" forces us to execute Update Manager with administrator privileges.

Of course, we will discuss your ideas to improve Update Manager as much as possible. The idea is to release Forest Pack Packages via Update Manager too, so each suggestion is welcome.

Regarding installing packages on render nodes. Please see the [url]documentation of Update manager[/url]  . We explain several ways to distribute contents to render nodes, including unattended and offline installations.

Greetings. Pablo :)
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