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Author Topic: Request: Sub Segment UVW Xform options  (Read 81 times)


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Request: Sub Segment UVW Xform options
« on: June 21, 2022, 09:55:44 AM »

Not sure how tough it'd be but if it was possible to apply UVW Xforms on sub segments somehow that would be really useful. Perhaps the ability to limit it to certain materials?

I've used RC for along time for production of video game assets and often now I have to pull everything out that I want to customize the UVW to a unique segment. This results in a lot of segments which really slows down performance, especially when we have a huge scene with lots of assets using that profile. To the point that those scenes basically become unusable.

So one way I would be able to reduce the number of segments is that yeah if we could give different parts of the asset different material IDs, then we could reduce the different combinations a lot.

A practical example here is take an armco barrier. This barrier can have anywhere from 1 to 5 vertical elements, additionally we have elements for different levels of poly count (high and low poly, as well as with more edges along the length of the segment for tighter curves), and then we need to take into consideration UVW changes, as we offset to different areas in our texture atlas. At present this is done by having seperate elements for the front, the rear, the ends, the posts etc, so that we can manipulate, offset uvw, position etc all uniquely.

I abstracted the armco element generation down into a nested RC generator which is then used in the master generator to produce the final asset. This results in build times of around 2.5s-5s per object (500-1000+ segs per object), but we then have 30 objects or so in total, plus LOD meshes and collisions. It can take 3-5 minutes just to open the scene and becomes kinda unsustainable to get work done.


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Re: Request: Sub Segment UVW Xform options
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2022, 10:08:01 AM »
Generating geometry is really powerful now with nesting and new attributes.
RC needs better map management.

Paul Roberts

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Re: Request: Sub Segment UVW Xform options
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2022, 02:21:58 PM »
Thanks both for the suggestions, I'm passing on the idea of being able to target UVW XForms using material IDs to the development team for further discussion.

Paul Roberts
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