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Paul Roberts:
V-Ray Proxy Cloner
A little Maxscript to help create proxies with offset times for use in RailClone. Set the number of Clones to create using the Count parameter and the time between them using Frames Offset.

Paul Roberts:
For an explanation of when this might be useful, see this thread.

I realised it's a bit tedious to instance multi-texture materials into a large number of mult-sub slots so here's a little script to automate it.

Multi-Sub Instancer

This will instance the Material in the ID slot specified in ID of Mat to Copy to the IDs between the range defined by ID Range Start and ID Range End. Just set the values, make sure the multi-sub material is the active slot in the material editor and hit Instance to ID Slots. 

Be careful though, the script will overwrite any existing materials in the specified ID range, and once you've run the script you can't undo.

Hope it helps someone.



Paul Roberts:

A quick script to speed up applying simple library styles to a spline. Using it you should be able to create a new RC object, select a Library style and apply it to a selected spline in just a few clicks:

To use:

* Select a spline
* Click Pick Library
* Select the style from the library and import
* Click Apply to Spline
If no spline was selected it'll create a RC object and open the library browser, but the option to apply to spline will not be available.

Obviously this will only work for styles that require a single spline input - for more complex styles with multiple inputs you may find it's easier to just use the first button and apply the spline from the Base Objects rollout.


I can't figure out how to see '.ms' scripts in 'Customize' so I made the 'RailCloneSlicer v01' into an '.mcr'

Now, just drag the '.mcr' into Max then go to 'Customize' and in the 'Category' named 'RC Scripts' you'll see 'railCloneSlicer_RH' . Drag that to a toolbar or use 'Menus' to add it to a menu.

Paul Roberts:
Apply RC to Poly

This script allows you to apply a RailClone object automatically to selected polygons, it's useful for cquickly creating walls and cladding. Here's a quick demo:

The script works by automatically extracting a closed spline from each polygon. It then duplicates the selected RC object, orientates it so that it is aligned with the polygon's surface normal and finally assigns the spline to the RailClone object's Clipping path. In most cases you should find this means you don't need a surface if the spline is flat, if not you may still need to add a surface to get the correct shape.

To use it:

* The surface must be an Editable Poly object with no modifiers applied.
* The RailClone objects should have a clipping spline applied with the Generator set to Get X/Y Size from Area. The Clipping spline needs to be the first entry in the Base Objects rollout. If necessary you can use the arrows change the order.

* Run the Script and use the Pick Rc Object button to select the RailClone object you'd like to clone.
* Select the polygons on the surface and click apply RC to Faces. The script will create a new clipping spline and RailClone object for each polygon
* Alternatively hold shift and click RC to Faces and the script creates a single spline and RC object that combines the selected faces. This is most useful when all the faces selected are planar.

I hope it might be helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks!



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