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Well, you could open the RC Lister and temporarily disable it. I don`t think there is any way to keep the geometry visible and pause regeneration.

may as well just hide the object for that case.

I figured out how to do that btw,

for each rc object in the scene obj.autoUpdate = off / on etc

It will be quite slow when re-enabling all though! I could make it more clever to only disable it on those related to the selected spline etc

I was looking for a similar script but had no luck.
I have a lot of closed Subsplines for Windows/Doors and I want to select/detach some of those within the specific range looking as RC X-->XY workflow.

I know it is an easy task just to set some Conditionals and filter them within Style Editor but usually, I`m preparing RC Presets for end-users so often time I`m requested to create a "Single-Spline Type" preset.

Hope that makes sense.
I think the script could look like img attached. Inputs for the range and small +/- Threshold to make sure to catch small deviations in size.


Looking for a piece of code to automatically inset n-Markers evenly divided on spline



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