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Title: Simplier way to mirror segments ? + suggestions for the node interface
Post by: Pixelab on November 21, 2016, 04:29:28 PM
We'd like to build an 2s array with mirrors Elements on the 3 axis XYZ, randomnly, and each axis independently (see image attached)

The way to do it is attached but it's a lot of wire (8 items). It's also possible to do it with a cascade of 3 mirror + 3 randomize segments... that makes 6 items for a simple operation

Isn't it possible to do it with 1 mirror operator, and 3 random inputs ? I tired but random number are not generated by elements but only by Y row, or X segments... which makes the whole thing unusable.

Also, some improvements should be made to the nodal interface :

 - Dragging a operator on a line should insert the operator between the 2 items (if possible)

- Shift dragging should make a copy of the item (like in the slate mat editor)

- Maybe CTRL shift make a copy of the whole branch

- Checking boxes in some operators should rename the operator : eg checking X in Mirror operator should rename the item 'Mirror X', unchecking undo this, checking the 3 boxes "Mirror XYZ" ... you get the idea. This would makes naming more automated like "Sequence X Spline" or "Sequence Y segment" "Random Integer" The item name box should still be editable and flagged *not to be changed* if changed by the user

- When renaming an item's object reference, reanme automatically the item name (like when you attach it/ reattach it)

Addionnally, but I think it's in the roadmap :

- add the possibility to make "presets" or "groups" where you can select a bunch of item and reduce it to 1 item (still editable by double clicking) a bit like blender mat editor works

Title: Re: Simplier way to mirror segments ? + suggestions for the node interface
Post by: Michal KarmazĂ­n on November 23, 2016, 11:27:49 AM

Wiring Random Parameters ( (generating an Integer Type within 0 to 1 Range on each Segment) to exported Mirror Operator's ( X Axis / Y Axis / Z Axis inputs seems to be working correctly in attached sample scene (I've tested it on both Linear 1S / Array 2S Generators). Thanks for any additional comments on this set-up. Might be, I'm missing some part. Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions. We'll evaluate its implementation in future releases. Actually, the last one is already included in the upcoming RC3. Currently it's under development and there are still many things to implement / tweak, so it'll take time until any public beta version will be published. Thanks for your comprehension.

Best regards,
Title: Re: Simplier way to mirror segments ? + suggestions for the node interface
Post by: Pixelab on November 23, 2016, 04:31:54 PM
Thanks, it should work now ! So simple :)

I was confusing the segment term with the segemnt of the spline.

Another suggestion since you seem to like them :

- Locks everywhere ! Locking the 4 padding value would be nice, locking the 3 UVW values, locking all the the transform panel values (all the group of 3, or put a lock behind every type in and let the use chose whatever combination he wants)

And a last one :)

- (I think I told this one already) add the possibility to mass edit value when selecting item of the same nature (mass edit mapping values of 10 selected segments, etc.) When value of the different elements differ whith one another, maybe highlight the type in a color as a warning.