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Spline to surface


Hi Paul,
If you dont mind i need help again:(
I dont know how to remove place rc on surface
I prefer use only one spline for calculation (marked in red)

Thank you

Paul Roberts:

There are a couple of issue that make this difficult to achieve with RailClone.

Firstly, the spline will only follow the surface immediately below it, but because of your slope, you actually need it to follow the surface some distance from the spline. The only way I can see to achieve this is to use a spline to define the bottom rather than the top of the array.

Secondly, in order to create a flat top all the way around, the segment really needs to stretch from the start to the end of the spline. In the attached file I've done this by nesting an array.

I hope that helps a little,


thank you very much!
To be honest i dont care about slope (it should be calculated), more importnat is internal spline and stitch to surface to have sloped top as well.



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