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Suggestions for RailClone Tips&Tricks tutorials

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It's not animated, I don't understand :-)


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--- Quote from: RealViz on December 02, 2021, 12:26:42 PM ---Could the Style Editor have a maximize button? Suitable for multiple monitors. Thanks

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Can't wait to see the tips&tricks tutorial for this

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It'll be a 3 hour epic.

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It's a shame that you just don't have the time to dedicate to producing a tutorial once a week for both Railclone and Forest Pack Pro.. Have learnt a lot from the many you have produced over the years. Have watched them all, some several times, but as you can imagine, especially with Railclone, there is still so much a person can learn.. What makes it even more difficult is the current situation, which seems to go up and down recently.. One thing I would love to see is a really long series, taking a user from basics all the way through every feature of the plugins, based around a single project, perhaps one for Railclone and another for Forest pack, but again thinking of the immense amount of time that would take, sadly I doubt there will ever be such a series.. Anyway, can't wait to see this 3 hour epic, any ideas of when it might be released hahaha.. Keep the great work, I have found both plugins immensely useful in my every day work and finally to all the folks at iToo Software, a very Merry Christmas and maybe, just maybe a very Happy New year.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for the kind words, we're glad you find the tutorials helpful. We have plans for several new tutorials including longer series as you mention. More info soon!


Procedural Buildings A2S generator with a closed spline (Clipping area), not separately X and Y splines

Paul Roberts:

--- Quote from: FB4122 on July 07, 2023, 10:58:13 PM ---Procedural Buildings A2S generator with a closed spline (Clipping area), not separately X and Y splines

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Hi, you might find this tutorial handy which contains both options: separate x and y spline, or footprint spline and height parameter.


I hope that helps,



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