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Paul Roberts:
Thanks! Those references look handy.

All kind of Venetian blind - interior, exterior, horizontal, vertical...

stone walls

OK this is not really a vote for a new library as such, more of a change to how the library works. Lets say you choose a cladding item, which comes with a multi - material. How about when you choose that particular item in the library, it opens a sub library, showing thumbnails displaying the cladding with each individual material applied to it.. While I know it would be a lot of work at your end and you probably have a lot of other things with much higher priority.

One other thing..concerning hip and ridge tiles. While you have an option to mitre the ends of hip tiles which is great. Would it be possible to add a similar option to the ridge tiles, to remove that cap at the end, so that it looks more like this. Here in the UK, it is very rare to have that type of capping tile on a ridge.


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