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--- Quote from: Paul Roberts on March 16, 2022, 12:29:25 PM ---
Nothing concrete yet, but it's still on the to-do list. We're planning to focus on the model libraries a lot more this year though.


--- End quote ---

This would be awesome !
i can't wait for the RC library-update since you've mentioned it in a recent tutorial video

Exhibition systems like Bematrix and Aluvision, if you check Octadesign for Octanorm system you'll see the price tag is way above that of Railclone's
though the earlier has quantifying features and part lists, but simply adding the exhibit systems to the library can open a new segment in the market.

I would vote for cloth Zippers and Stitching libraries

Hey Itoo,

Are the built-in libraries being phased-out?
They are still very old and demo-ish, and seems like updates to the libraries has halted some time ago...


Paul Roberts:

Not at all, we have a member of staff working full time on assets, and the last release of RailClone saw several of them (about 160 as I recall) refreshed as part of an ongoing project to completely revamp all our content. you can expect more to be released soon.



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