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Help about an easy way to scatter building along a city


Good day, this is my first post and i need  a solution that should be easy to reach for the most of you, but i am novice of railclone.
I have seen all the tutorials about that but i didn't find the way to solve the problem.
We are doing a reconstruction of Rome of the 17th century and we have done a lot of basic assets that have to be scattered along the spline of the parts of the city.
It should be very easy and we can also cancel manually the buildings after the istancing with the railclone tools, but i want to know if there is a way to avoid the overlapping buildings in the corner.  With the method of the itoo tutorial for the city there are problems with the scaling of the building se we prefer to use the Tile method of the array with no more modification.
And at last we should know if the is a way to make the roofs not be considered for the scattering, because for them the buildings have a little gap between them.
Sorry for my english, but i hope that you can understand the problem anyway.
We have done 50 types of bulding but i am attaching only a scene with 5 of them, just to understand the method, but is 12 MB and i can't do it.

Hi Andreone512

We have an detailed tutorial how to create this style.
If You have problems with the tutorial please attach or send us a maxfile illustrating Your issues. And please do that in correct Forum Board

RailClone Pro 1.x is not supported.

Mister Rokas good day, thank you very much for the answer and i am sorry for the error about the post location. Really.
I have done the tutorial "Rendering Cityscapes with RailClone and Forest Pack (advanced)" many times but for our project, that we have to import in Unreal engine and a 3rd person character should go around the city the node "Scale final x segment" makes the buildings scaled in a distort shape, and it is not good too see.
I am going to attach the little scene i have prepared to the link you have wrote to me, thank you very much.
For the future, wich is the right place in the forum were talks about things like that? Thanks a lot.

Have a nice Day!


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