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We are preparing new libraries and we will like to ask to our users for their opinion and suggestion. Please vote in this thread for what classes of styles do you will like to be added in following releases of RailClone Pro.

You can also post ideas, photographs or drawings for elements that you will like to use in your projects. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Finally more librarys, that is highly welcome.
I think that every new library you put in will be more than welcome.

For Architecture - Many choices here. Bridges is one of my top wish!
For Urban - street / roadcrossings, more streetlamps, roads, sidewalks and so on.
For Civil Engineering - Wires maybe.
For Industrial - ?
Other - All that is doable, cool stuffs.

Any timeframe when new librarys will be out?


The next library update (about 50 new models), will be available in the next weeks.

Wow, that is something I am looking forward to!
Great, really great!  :)

I have a handful of fence and railing styles that I would like to request. Whats the best way to show you them? Should I post photos of them here? Or email the photos to you?
Thanks again.


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