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Light supporting Deform Stepped Mode

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Neither in single nor part of the group, the light segment does not support stepped mode for light. The light segment will always follow a spline orientation.
Can something be done for light supporting Stepped mode?

Looking for some workaround results.
I tried to override  Banking/X rotation and that return some results and I managed to reset X rotations to zero.
Then I thought to reverse Z rotation using XSplineXdirection.z, and this was close but I don't think I use the right Attribute.

I think there is no use of light if they can follow Geometry Segments and most of the time for the lights on the staircases we need to use Stepped mode.
Any idea how this can be done.

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for letting us know about this limitation Dragan. Dev team is looking into it.

All the best,

Fixed for next update. It was affecting to "Force Instance" as well.

Stepped mode is fixed. Thank you!
Apparently, now I have issues with lights. Either the lights not working or I got errors on instancing in Vray.
Did you try to Render my test scene? (I think there are checked force instancing somewhere in Segments Deform or Transform override)


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