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Preserve Segments


Please let us move the whole system outside the Clipping Area when the Preserve option is active. I can`t slide my door frame  :D

I'll see that can be done.

With nested RC objects, the result of inner RC is collapsed to a mesh, and then used as segment input.
But with nested generators, output is handled as a list of separated items, so clipping is applied individually to each of them. We used this approach for performance reasons, to maximize the number of instanced segments.

Thank you.
Yes, i uderstand but I'm targeting to instancing workflow. Since I'm forcing Preserve mode I assume slicing snd even bending could be off sutomaticaly.

Fixed for next update. Now groups and nested generators are handled as an single entity, when Slice is off.

Anyway, the Transform operator at the output is not redundant, because inner generator would use segments both with Slice enabled and disabled.
In this case each sub-segment inherits the Slice state of its source segment. Not a normal use, but it would happen.

Make sense. Thank you for taking this one in consideration.
Best Regards


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