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RailClone 605b - Error saving file error on upgrade from 604b


I upgraded to RailClone 605b today and my scene files are crashing max or giving the "saving file error" when working with a new scene. Anyone with the 604b beta installer? As I didn't have any issues with that version and version 6 is really cool to work with.

I restored RC 6.0.4 in the User Panel, while we investigate this issue.

If you have a minidump created with RC 6.0.5, please send it to us. That will be very helpful to check the problem.


We have identified the problem, but it will require some time for fixing and testing.

I have removed RC 6.0.5 from the Panel. If you installed it, please downgrade to RC 6.0.4.

Thank you. Great.


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