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RC5_Arithmetic interchange yes/no?

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Ok. I don't mind the 'false' list. I agree this is not an issue right now
However, i cant't let it go the topic that easy  ;D
How about to inturduce some kind of intermedia node to make valute exchange.
This topic was my greatest wish for upgrade. Even more then light, groups...  ::) But i understand how deaply you should go. I guess we are closing it for now.  :(

I understand your needs, but unfortunately it's not possible.
There are parameters which depend of the Generator state, but even the fixed ones (as XSplineLength) may cause problems: what if a spline contains several sub-splines ? Should we use the first one, or what ?

But that is not the main problem: Generators are evaluated in order, and their splines (and other data) dosn't exist until they are processed.
For example, splines suffers multiple transformations before being used: they are clipped, filtered by ID, divided by evenly, divided by markers, conformed to surface, converted to polyline, and much more.
These steps are done before Generator is processed, and their data and parameters are deleted once generator is done. We should rewrite a lot of code to make it persistent between generators.

Thank you. I understand all the problems and appreciate all your efort.


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