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The Master Style - broke Instancing Engine


Instancing Engine can`t be broken and always follows the Master generator.
I know it is a last-minute call but would be possible to allow users to control Instancing Engine mode.
Sometimes (or even most of the time) users use The Master Style option not just to change specific parameters but to hide/unhide/switch between different Segments in the Style and depending on the material/nature of the visible/active segments sometimes is necessary to change Instancing Engine mode.

Paul Roberts:
Hi Dragan,

Thanks as always for the feedback. According to our tests Instancing mode isn't inherited by Style Linking. We used the V-Ray Mat.ID debug mode, to see what segments are instanced and got the following results

The top object has instancing disabled, and is linked with the one on the bottom.

Could you let us know a bit more about what you are trying to create with this feature so we can identify where the issue is, perhaps you have a simplified file to illustrate?

Many thanks again,

You are right! Just tested in Corona
Strange  ??? I did some tests in the previous betas and could swear on my marriage, Instancing Engine was always kept the Master Style mode.  :)
Although, Displacement is not supported?


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