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V5.2.1b Crashes in 3dsmax 2023



I just upgraded to 3dsmax 2023 and installed 5.2.1b so I can continue using Railclone, but now whenever I try to open the style editor for any previously-existing Railclone objects (pre-5.2.1b), max crashes.  Example attached.


We can reproduce the problem, but for some reason only with your scene.
Please hold on, while we check it.

Hi Carlos,

I was able to reproduce the crash with a new RC object.  It seems related to animated parameters.  Here's what I did:

* create new box, line, RC object
* Create Linear 1S generator, hook up spline, box segment to default
* Add a numeric parameter.  In my test, I created a Material node and hooked up an integer to the "to" and "from" parameters
* Add keyframes to the parameter.  I had it as 0 on frame one, then 1 on frame 2
* Lastly, open style editor.  For me, it then crashes
Test scene attached, right before animating the parameter.

Thanks. I noticed of that yesterday. As you pointed out, it's a bug related with animated parameters.
It's already fixed for next update.

Great, thank you!  Looking forward to the fix.


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