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"3D Garden Summer" plants are dark


I attempted to use "3D Garden Summer" for the first time and all of the trees are too dark when they render. I have other iToo plants in the scene and they look good when rendered. I purchased "HDPlants3" when I made the 3D Garden purchase and they look good when rendered. Both collections installed without problems and the "3D Garden Summer's" path to its materials is correct.  There are no errors listed in V-Ray messages.

Attached Images:

1) I haven't messed with any of the materials. The scene with the house uses a simple daylight system with the intensity adjusted. All of the other settings are default for modeling. You can see the dark "3D Garden Summer" tree in front. In the background you can see the "HDPlants 3" along the side of the house.

2) The next image depicts a "3D Garden Summer" tree and an HQ tree that I picked out at random. This image was rendered with a V-Ray Dome light. The intensity was adjusted, but everything else is default.

3) In the third image, I cranked up the intensity of the Dome light. The "3D Garden" tree seems to be unaffected.

Since nobody else seems to be having this problem, it's most likely on my end. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

3DS Max 2018
V-Ray 3.60.04
Del Precision T7910
Xeon CPU ES-2667 V3 @ 3.20GHz
64.0 GB
64 bit
Win 7 Pro SP1
NVIDIA Quadro M5000

Paste this line in maxscript listener:

--- Code: ---fileInGamma
--- End code ---

It should say 2.2 does it for You ?

Looks like this is a gamma-related issue. Though it's weird that it happens only with this library. I've made a fast test, imported a Cedrus tree and rendered straight away and its fine:

I can help you with that, though I have to ask you to upload scene. It can be an empty scene with just one tree from the3dgarden which renders dark. You can upload 3dsmax file only, as I have this library as well.

Hi again,

Thanks to Your attention, we are reviewing materials in more detail.
For now You can manually tweak brightness by increasing RGB level: parameters in bitmap output rollout:


--- Quote from: FF7689 on May 24, 2018, 01:42:30 AM ---Thank you. Adjusting the RGB levels works great for me.

Below is my responce to Oleg.B's post.
Hi Oleg.B,
I get something similar out of my renders, but when I put one of the trees into a scene that I have been working on, it doesn't look good (to me).  I couldn't reconcile the lighting between the new tree and the plants that were already in the scene. The leaves in the new tree were all of a similar dark color, affecting the sense of depth. I experimented with the "Black Lotus" tree because it sounded like it should be the darkest (not sure if that's right). I googled Black Lotus. It has thick patches of leaves. Although it has dark areas, it's defined by the lighter green colors. I don't know. Maybe it's just me, trying to make nature conform to my will. :-) I really like this Summer collection and the 3D Garden. I'm looking forward to more releases. Thanks for responding and offering to help. I appreciate it very much.

--- End quote ---

After checking out the different tree I noticed that as well, tree tends to be darker, and I got what you mean. Thanks.


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