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European Common Trees Vol. 2


Isn't it odd that none of the countries that these trees are commonly found in, America, Canada, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia, are actually part of Europe

Perhaps "Non Native European Trees vol 2" would have been a slightly more accurate title. Trivial I know and I have been using all kinds of tree models, from around the world, in visuals mostly in the UK and unless you have them very close to camera or you are an expert in trees, I doubt anyone would ever notice.

Anyway, congrats on the new collection and for being one of very few companies, to actually care enough, to give proper names and even details for each particular species, which is rare these days, despite the huge variety of tree models and collections out there

Paul Roberts:
Thanks for the kind words and the feedback. Perhaps you're right about the naming of this collection, although those trees are commonly found in parts of Europe (and were scanned in Europe), they aren't native. We'll take this into consideration for future collections.

Cheers and all the best,


Erik Clemens:
I was just looking for some new tree collection and noticed too that these are not really "common" European trees. In Europe these are "generally" rare special trees used as a single instance and certainly not in masses, as in the countries they are native to.

The first collection has more common types and I would rather see an update to this collection, since the quality and realism is not exactly on par with the competition. The flowers/grasses collections are quite useable, but the tree collections are a bit disappointing.


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