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Grow fx version not working European Common Trees


I bought the European Common trees with the additionally grow fx version.
If I load these trees into max 2021 with growFx2.0, lots of them are all over the place - meaning the stem (or part of the stem) is somewhere else in the scene.
If I change/update the seed to rebuild the tree same thing happens.
How can this be corrected?
Best regards,

Hi. GrowFX version 2 comes with 1 built in as well. So You can use this library with Version2 as V1. Just don't convert it to V2.
This library was created using GrowFX 1.9.9 and the conversion that GrowFX does for v2 is done by Exlevel. Make sure You are using latest V2 as it gets updated with bug fixes.

If this conversion bug still exists, it would be better to report it to GrowFX team.


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