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Create a curtain wall building

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Seems the bottom of the "Hidden" building is missing in the files

Paul Roberts:

Thanks for reporting this issue. It seems you're right, the bottom of the building is mysteriously absent. We've changed the tutorials files so that this style is now available, please feel free to re-download them the tutorial page.

Many thanks!


Hi to all!!!
Need help.. how to make this "y" evenly element correctly like in screenshot... tryed a lot of things but nothing((( Also in future i will need to make the same with "x" evenly element

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

I guess you're looking for a solution how to "scale" the middle Segment used in the Compose Operator (to not repeat it, once the width is reached). What about using the XSectionLength value, rest X Sizes of the first and last Segment and drive the X Fixed Size of the middle Segment with it?

Attaching a sample scene showing this set-up. Hope you'll find it helpful.

Best regards,


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