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Create a drop kerb

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Post here your questions and comments about the Create a drop kerb tutorial.

The Lite version limits the number of generators and segments, so this tutorial could not be completed without Pro version.


I sorry by that. We just revised the requirements of all RailClone tutorials.
As you pointed, the Drop Kerb tutorial requires Pro version.

I followed the drop kerb tutorial and at the end when rendering the kerb it shows blank spaces where it looks like mapping wasn't applied.  The final scene also seems to look the same way when i tried that.

Thanks in advance.

This is a problem of V-Ray 3 with mirrored pieces. For some reason, normals are not rendered correctly.

I apologize by the inconveniences. We are in contact with ChaosGroup about this issue. As workaround, you can switch off Display->Render->Use Geometry Shader.


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