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Create a parquet floor

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--- Quote from: grue on April 29, 2021, 03:10:40 PM ---ha right after i posted it, i realized it only used the 1/2 bricks for the ENDS ONLY ugh.  so yeah i know why now.

here's where i'm heading - is there a way to create a running-bond brick wall that actually contains 1/2 bricks, every 3rd full brick or in a pattern i define?

is it as simple as adding a sequence to the "full brick" part?

--- End quote ---

Sure, feel free to try and let us know if You need help.

Im trying to apply the this floor pattern to double curved surface but can not figure out the way.

Could anyone help?


First, you need to add the Surface Node to your Generator and assign the appropriate surface.
Additionally, depending on your Style (in case of nesting) you should check the "Align Y with the surface" checkbox (Segment>>Deform).
Please, keep in mind that the Surface should always be slightly bigger than your Clipping Area.
Hope that helps.

hello.  for the strip, i would like to do this on a wall, but i'd like the strips to run vertically.  i can't seem to get it though.  ideally, i'd like to add randomization of length and width as well but still keep the general staggered look.  in the screen shot the tiles run horizontally, i'd like to have them rotated 90 degrees up/down.  thanks for help!

ooo... i got it. it's the z rotation in the clipping area. i was focused on the segments rotations. nice!


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