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Create a parquet floor

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Paul Roberts:
Hi Jesse,

Thanks for submitting that it works great. I just eyeballed it for the tutorial but this works much better.

Hope you don't mind a small correction, theres a missing 1 in your first expression. It should read:


Also you might be interested to know that by using the export attributes feature in the new RailClone beta, it's now possible to export the current size of a segment. This means you won't need to enter the size of the planks, they're derived automatically from the source geometry :)

Check out the attached file for an example.



Jesse Martin:
Thanks, Paul!  Happy to share.  And thanks for that correction.

This product keeps getting better and better!  So glad to hear about the new ability to export the segment size - it makes this preset so much more user friendly!

Bruno NM:
Hi everyone ! I found a picture on pinterest, did you know if there is a solution for this parquet ? I mean for create this specific random type of material...
Sorry for my english..

Paul Roberts:

You could get something like that by switching segments based on their position in the array. So for example the first 40% of the array uses the Wood texture, After 60% you use the white texture, and between 40% and 60% randomised between the two.

In the attached file I've created this using Selector operators with the Index wired to an expression that uses these two if statements:


In this case Input1 is the Transition start value and Input2 is the transition end value. When this equation outputs 1, the selector operator will use the wood texture, when it outputs 3 it will use the white texture, and an output of 2 uses a random selection of these two. Hopefully the attached file will make this clearer.

I hope that helps.

Many thanks,


Bruno NM:
Oh nice ! Hopefully railclone is much better than i was thinking !
Great job  ;)


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