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Jose Antonio Dorado:
Post here your questions and comments about the Creating Ceilings tutorial.

Jesse Martin:
Well done!  I've been waiting on this one for a while now.  I was using my own version, but it wasn't as elegant with the automatic light spacing.  Is there a way to export that light spacing setting so we can control it from the modify panel?

Paul Roberts:
Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you find the tutorial useful. Regarding your question, because the counters are generated dynamically when segments are added, I'm afraid there is not currently a way to export them. However this feature has been requested before and we're looking into it.

Many thanks,


Thanks to you.Very useful tutorial for me.

How would you go about ensuring that you have a frame all the way around the perimeter of the ceiling tile? Those ACT tiles don't just die into the wall, they have a frame on the edge. Can it be done in rail clone or would it be easier to simply sweep the outside frame and rail clone only the inside parts?

Additionally, is there a way to make sure that all of the outer edge tiles are ACT tiles and not lights regardless of the sequence? At the end of the tutorial, you can see half of a light just ending into randomness.


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