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Paul Roberts:
Post your questions and comments about the Creating Cityscapes with RailClone tutorial here.

Hi Paul,

I noticed the tutorial video mentioned that the secondary RailClone arrays would be included in the tutorial files for the sidewalks, streetlights, people walking, etc.  However when I opened the tutorial files, included were the city grid spline and a maxscript file for the randomization of material ID's.  I'm not sure if it's an issue with my version of Max (2017) or a download error.

I very much would love to learn how to properly implement the other assets into the city.  Ironically this tutorial was released 2 months after we had to build a city out for a Nissan CES keynote presentation.  Being a new user to RailClone and ForestPack (bought it for the Nissan project) I'm just beginning to comprehend how powerful these two packages are together.  After watching the tutorial I see how we could have done it much better with this methodology and was hoping to learn more proper methods of using RailClone from your implementation of all the assets to populate the streets.


As vfxmonster pointed out, the tutorial file provided only contains city grid spline. It would be really great if you can provide us the tutorial file with all the assets used in the video. I've been working on several city models for architectural visualization purpose and really curious to see how you populated sidewalk, road etc.

You mentioned at the start of the video a previous tutorial on benerating a parametric building with Railclone.  Could you provide a link to that tutorial please?

Hi Paul,

I can't find the tutorial's file with all the railclone's objects, it could be possible to receive it? because i love this tutorial, but without the main file I can't understand how to make the detailed part of the city like pavement for examples.

Thanks a lot for your availability, best regards,


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