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Creating Kitchens with RailClone


Paul Roberts:
Please post any questions here about the "Creating Kitchens with RailClone" tutorial.

I salute you good sir.

I was just thinking day before yesterday that RC would lend itself most excellent for a kitchen system  :)

This is genius. I am so glad I discovered RailClone.

Bruno NM:
Hi everyone !
It's been a long time i have this question in mind, we spoke about kitchen, but in this tutorial, this is more a linear kitchen.
What about ''U'' and ''L'' shape kitchen ?
Could raiclone handle corners with the same flexibility we achieved in the kitchen tutorial ?

If you have some example, i will be very interesting to study it ;D

Ok so finally after multiple failed attempts I finally got the hang of the Kitchen Cabinet Tutorial. I would like to say that I have designed several Modular kitchens so far, 5 to accurate :).
I have never been asked to show the panels over or under the side panels. What I would like is, how I can make sure that the front panels never get larger than 2 feet (In Width) and never less that 1 feet. Is there a way to do this without placing vertex points?? My current Kitchen cabinet design involves a linear 32 feet linear kitchen. Will share the progress soon. Also what should be the approach towards an Island?


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