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Creating Roofs with RailClone

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Hi Paul
As we talk about it when I asked you a month ago, if you were going to create a tutorial on the roofing... you did it !
And what a tutorial !
You tell at the end that there are thousands of applications, and that's the case!
What a step forward once again!
Thank you so much and congrats again

Hi guys....im new to railclone and trying to create a roof top with railclone. since the spine profile is little improper, im achieve the result. ..please looking for any help here..REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!

Hi, I’m new to railclone and did this tutorial, which was very helpful, thanks! I have a project that’s in concept phase so I’d like to set something up that’s generally flexible because the building is changing often. The roof is organic and has many openings and I’m wondering if I should use conform or even forest pro? Attached is a reference image similar to the shape. Thanks!

Hey there,
My question is not about a roof but about the technique for slicing planes.

I merged all splines to one and gave them an individual Mat ID. checked the hierarchy Checking by Mat ID and hoped that it would slice correctly.
I m pretty sure something is missing?!

Thank you in Advance

Paul Roberts:
Hi there.

Thanks for the file. I think I can see why it's not quite working as expected. The Clipping tools in X>XY mode  tend to work best when both the Spline object and the RailClone object are aligned to the world axis. To fix your scene:

* Reset the XForms for the Spline to realign the pivot to the world
* Set the rotation for the RailClone object to 0 on all axes

I hope that helps,


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