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Post here your questions and comments about the Creating stairs tutorial.

Bruno NM:
Hi everyone !
How do you do about the helix object for the raiclone object follow the path ? I try with a simple spline with smooth corner, more interpolation,  that's work, stairs follow correctly. I created a helix object and my stairs are not correcty spaced and not correctly smooth for balustrades... What's the tip ?

Paul Roberts:

If you convert the helix to an editable spline object you'll notice that the vertices are set to corners and the segments are set to lines instead of curves. To fix this, select all the  segments, right click and change the type to Curves. You may also need to change the vertex type to smooth or Bezier.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have further questions.

Many thanks,


Bruno NM:
Thanks a lot Paul Roberts ! You save my stairs  ;)

Bruno NM:
Hi Paul R ! I have a other question about this tutorial,
there is a way to do this type of stairs ? I can't find the good method for this...

PS: I have a question for the tutorial tiles and bricks, i can't find the topic..


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