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Jose Antonio Dorado:
Post here your questions and comments about the Spider Glazing tutorial.


I opened the file "spider_end.max" and did nothing but dragging a vert of the path spline, to increase size of the glazing, but it doesn't work.
The spider elements get out of alignment and the glass isn't folowing the whole length of the path.
I think this isn't the desired behaviour?
What is wrong?

Paul Roberts:

I'm very sorry for not replying to this query sooner.  The RailClone object in "spider_end.max" has a parameter disabled that is restricting one of the generators from using the full path. It's a remainder from testing the style and it should have turned back on. To fix this go to the Base Object rollout and for the second Spline object tick Full Length

I've also attached a fixed .max file to this post.

Many thanks,


great, thank you!

Alessandro Guida:
Hi Paul,

on the cover of the tutorial I can see that every single glass has a different reflection, how can you achive that with railclone?

I usually assign a bump map to brake the reflection and give a bit of distortion but yours seem not to be distorted...


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