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I have a problem when I want to animate object with forest pack.
I have 5 objects, animated with key frames.. they are moving when I scroll the animation bar.
When I make a forest object, I add the geometry (my 5 animated objects), I put  in the animation rollout "Follow geometry" and I untap the "animate only at render time" box...
But nothing happen when I scroll my animation bar from 0 to 100....

The originals 5 objects are still moving. But the whole population of scattered object with forest doesn't move.

what's the problem?!
thanks a lot for your help.


is there any solution to this problem im having?  must be something simple:

"Ive animated my grass blowing in the wind with the gradient map now using the low poly stand-in method but once I get the final frames back from the render farm there seems to be no frame offset in the animation and all the growfx objects are animating at the same frame timeline.

Could this be because I did not cache them before hand and turn them into meshes?  Currently Im scattering growfx objects directly with growfx wind node to control animation."


Paul Roberts:

Are you using Mental Ray and Forest Pack 5? We've identified a problem in the latest build affecting animation modes while using the mental ray renderer (which is working correctly in FP4). We've been able to fix this problem and it'll be included in the next beta version. If it's urgent please contact and we can send you a patch.

Many thanks,


Hi, can you pass me this file? I am not able to configure it! Thank you

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

Please feel free to check a similar sample scene, where the Animate by Distance to Exclude Area is applied (it allows you to control the animation frames of a distributed item based on its proximity to exclude area(s)). Hope you'll find it helpful.

Best regadrs,


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