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Paul Roberts:
Post here your questions and comments about the Animating with Forest Pack tutorial.

i can`t render start file- it "renders" pure black
if i switch GI from irradiance to brute force- i can... what is going on...

oh i see- mode was animation... switch to single frame = OK

Hi for some reason I cannot get the gradient ramp to animate my forests. Noise maps work fine but gradient ramps dont seem to work at all unless I set real world scale size to .001m, at which point it seems to only produce 3 samples (within a 10m x 10m area).  The unit scale of my scene seems fine otherwise.  What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated.

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

As UV coordinates for the map are derived from the surface assigned under the Surfaces roll-out, I would suggest you to double check the UV mapping of such surface (that it corresponds to applied Map).

Best regards,

Hi thanks for the response

Ive made my animated surface area smaller (with appropriate uv) and that seems to help but I still have to set the real world scale to very small sizes to see any effect.

Im also having another weird related problem: Ive animated my grass blowing in the wind with the gradient map now using the low poly stand-in method but once I get the final frames back from the render farm there seems to be no frame offset in the animation and all the growfx objects are animating at the same frame timeline.

Could this be because I did not cache them before hand and turn them into meshes?  Currently Im scattering growfx objects directly with growfx wind node to control animation.



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