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Paul Roberts:
Please post any questions you have about our Forest Pack and RailClone tutorial Create nature scenes in no time.

Terri Brown:
Hi there,

Please can you provide the scene in 3ds max 2014 version!

Thanks a mil

Hi, I recently updated the forest pack support but I have a problem that it is too slow to load the objects and I don't understand why it takes so long, even if it is just one object, it takes too long and the license is fine and my PC is new, what can I do? thanks if someone can help me

Hi, i have unusual question and i dont know that this is the place to ask :)

I would like to make lo poly mesh from forest point cloud.
I have scattered some trees and i want to make them lo poly so i can use them on my mobile device.
I need to make them all together as one mesh, also the bushes.
It shoult looke like vray proxy preview in sketchup :)



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