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Paul Roberts:
Post here your questions and comments about the Creating Libraries for Forest Pack tutorial.

Solid part 2- about preset creation, thank You.

Part1 is missing key part- thumbnails generation.
Plus You have all Your models in one scene- that`s convenient in illustrated case- relatively light grass objects.
More real world case is tress library, easily exceeding gigabytes in size- I wouldn't dare to put all those trees in one file.

My workflow is:
Use hcg asset browser for thumbnail generation- one max file,- one thumbnail.
Then from folder like this:

make library like this:

using script I wrote-

it`s not too user friendly and still have some UI issues, so cant really share it for now..
but iToo team could easily write similar and better during lunch break...

P.S. Can I please ask You custom background color for library browser? I want white, please...

Paul Roberts:
Hi Rokas,

Thanks for the extra tips, I'm sure people will find them useful. You're absolutely right about heavy meshes, in this case we would always recommend one model per file. This is mentioned in the large presets section but could have been made more explicit up front.

I'll pass on the request for adjustable background colours.

Many thanks,


Paul Roberts:
I just wanted to follow this up to say that you can also use Forest Pack's import from scene tool to add objects from multiple .max files.  All you need to do is hold down CTRL or SHIFT when selecting the max files and all the objects from those files will be displayed along with the original .max file to which they belong.

Many thanks,


had I knew this, I would have not written my script...



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