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Paul Roberts:
Post here your questions and comments about the Introduction to Forest Effects tutorial.

link please ! anxious to see this one.

Paul Roberts:
Hi Rokas!

Should be up later today. It's going to be an introduction to using, importing and organising existing effects rather than creating new ones. That'll be in a new tut a little bit later, but if you're interested in creating your own now, we have some thorough documentation here.



Hi Paul,

Regarding the edge to boundary effect, it has an edgeliststart and edgelistend parameter. I'm assuming this refers to the geometry you want to use whereby the value (0, 1, etc) refers to a selection of 3d geometry. However I can't find how I can link the geometry to the value.

To give some context, what I want to do is use the effect for a grass field whereby I can add smaller glass clumps, stones, deadgrass, etc to the edge of a spline boundary within a value of 0.5m-1m.

If you could let me know what I'm missing it would be great, thanks!


Paul Roberts:
Hi Dean,

This effect uses fpItem.geomID which allows you to change items using the the index number of the objects in the Geometry list. The index starts from zero at the top of the list, so the order of items is important.

Basically this effect involves you splitting the geometry list into two parts. The first part is used for the main area, and the second part is used only for the edges. Here's the example with 4 items:

To achieve this the main area could use something like fpItem.geomID = randomInt(0,1); and the boundary areas would use fpItem.geomID = randomInt(2,3);

I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any further questions.




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