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Paul Roberts:
Post here your questions and comments about the Parking Cars with Forest Pack tutorial.

very nice. How would I animate the traffic cars? As far as I can tell these are just this it would seem that even the potential for creating still images is limited to ones with a very high shutter speed where you don't notice that the cars are not moving because of motion blur.

Paul Roberts:

If you want to just add a bit of forward animation to simulate motion blur then this is possible but you must animate the source geometry (the car) and then convert it to a Proxy object. Here's the steps you'd follow to do this:

* Convert the car model to a single mesh as in the original tutorial
* Add an XForm modifier to the car.
* Activate the XForm Modifier's Gizmo sub object level and animate the car moving forward. The distance and time will have an effect on the motion blurred results so it's worth experimenting.
* Export the car to a proxy making sure that it stores the animated frames. The exact parameters are different depending on the renderer used.

* Add the Proxy to your Forest object as normal
* Go to Forest Pack's Animation rollout and turn on Follow Geometry
* Turn on your renderer's motion blur and render

This was tested with the new Forest Pack 5.0 beta.

Obviously this won't allow you to create complex driving animations but for adding some simple motion blur it works fine.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.

Many thanks!


Thank you for the tutorial.  I had been using Civil View to place parked cars but the randomization options here are great.  It would be awesome if you could write a traffic plugin for animation.  The only options out there for us are not very well supported.  Your support and constant updates are among the best I've seen for 3ds Max plugins.

I am having difficulty with the color randomization.  At first it seemed to be working, but now I am getting all cars being one color.  I am using Mental Ray so I had to interpolate from the tutorial.  I am also using the Civil View cars which are aXYZ vehicles.  They have multiple sub-object slots that are used for color randomization.  Any ideas what I could have done wrong?

Paul Roberts:

Thanks for the kind words. Colour randomisation should work the same in Mental Ray as in V-Ray. Would you be able to send me a simplified scene of what you have so I can take a closer look? I'f you prefer not to post a link here, please send to

Many thanks!



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