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Paul Roberts:
Post your questions and comments here about the Randomising Procedural Objects tutorial.

Hi, great tutorial, and superb capability for v5 to stop animation as it was my first concern when I saw the method.

Two notes though:
1. To be fair Your before image wouldn't look nearly as bad if only You had turned on randomizing Transforms (rotation and scale).
I understand You did that on purpose to exaggerate the power of the feature presented in the video but cmon.. (other forest objects had rnd transforms on)

2. For me start.max does not render correctly,- with washed out colors. (I adopted files gamma settings)
Final.max renders correctly. And I cant find what is different.Oh. I see, I should adopt final.max settings and keep those opening start.max

Paul Roberts:
Hi Rokas,

Thanks for the feedback. As always this tutorial was in response to a regular request we get from users to randomise GrowFX objects but I take your point and you're right of course that randomising transforms covers up a lot of visible repetition. Using the Transform controls was also an important  part of the tutorial, I didn't try to disguise the fact that I was using them. My aim was to show how all types of randomisation can help,  including scale, transform, materials (mentioned briefly at the start), and for those times when you need it, by sampling the source geometry.



don't get me wrong I learn a lot with every video and I watch them twice or more,- this is great resource to deepen my knowledge of the plugins,- the same with this video,- packed with great tips.
And we even get sweet  bonus with most of the tutorials- great  3d models (haven't seen anyone thanking for this, so I would like to do that now)

Paul Roberts:
Hi Rokas, No worries. All feedback is very helpful and I'm pleased you find the tutorials useful. :)




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