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Creating mullions for windows


Hi guys,
I created my own window generator based on the tutorial and use "extend x/y size to area" so that windows are automatically placed on all rects of a house. Windows automatically scale so that window holes that are bigger than 1m auto subdivide to 2 windows etc.

Now I want to add a simple mullion generator. I created a new generator because I don't care if mullions overlap the window edges or each other at x/y axes. I plugged my mullion object to x and y evenly. Y are of course ok with count but should I use count or distance for x? Like should I write a simple code to get some distance to know how many windows are in each hole so that it places my mullions in correct place? Not sure how to do that.

These are unusually large window holes for test.
Edit: oh now I see there's also a PRO forum. Should I delete and post there?
Thanks in advance!

yes, post questions to pro forum board, and please attach a max file (downgraded to lowest version You can) to see the style.

I'm loged in with my pro credentials but I don't see a post option.


Thanks! Linked, working now


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