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Export only diagrams from the Style Editor


Hi all, hope you are doing great!  :D

I was wondering if there is a way to export a diagram with all the nodes from the style editor, to be reused into another file. Something like a copy/paste for the entire diagram, or something like exporting it (i.e. as xml) and then importing it into a different 3ds max file.

I searched everywhere without success.  :o I found out that I can create macros, but it seems that they are intended for a different purpose.

Can anyone support me please?

PS: I have a paid version of the plugin, but the maintenance plan has expired at the moment  :-[


Paul Roberts:

For those purposes the easiest way is probably to simply Merge in the whole RailClone object. That will take all the geometry with it too, but you can simply swap it in the new file if you like.

Another option would be to add it to the library so you can reuse it whenether you like. You can see a demo about that in this livestream

I hope that helps,

Thanks Paul, much appreciated, tomorrow I will give it a try!


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