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Modelling Wood Parametric Desing in a deform and vertical surface


Good Morning People, I would to model a Parametric Design Ceiling on a building with Rail Clone :), I tried with both Linear 1S and Array2S but cannot find the good way :'(, I'm gonna share some picture of the idea and my model, if someone can have the answer and help please. thank you so much ;D ;D

I actually tried Linear1S cause I would like the model to follow the perimeter of my object

really thank you so much.

Michal KarmazĂ­n:

Well, as mentioned in this "More tutorials" related thread:

"RailClone is not strictly speaking a panelling tool, though it is possible to project a 2d array onto a surface to achieve some similar effects. However currently this won't work well on surfaces where the faces are very steep or facing away from the RailClone object. You can read more about using surfaces here."

In some situations, you might find it useful to refer to the workflow described in the following "Interesting structure, help needed" post.

I hope that helps at least a little bit.

Best regards,

Thank you so much, I will read all that!!


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