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Multiple vertical floors


Hi guys,

I am doing this project and would like to have your help. I have basically 4 differents Facade. One (green) should take the first 2 floors, the other two (red and yellow) should alternate in next floors and the last one (blue) should take the last 5 floors.

First question is, can I control how many of a segment I want in the bottom, top and middle? All I can do is having one different in bottom and top and the rest is the same.

Second question is: for the red and yellow I would like alternate them to every floor. So in one floor is red and yellow, and the floor above is yellow and red, creating a chest pattern.

I hope I made myself clear and would like to thank you all in advance.

Michal Karmazín:
Hi Julius,

There are multiple ways to set it up in this case. You can use just several Sequence Operators (where you can define the desired repetitions) and wire all of these into the Default Input, as shown in the attached sample scene (240307_SequenceOperators_iToo.max). Another possible way would be to use multiple Generators: for the bottom and top parts, you can use Linear 1S1 Generators, and for the middle part, use the Array 2S1 Generator (like in the case of the bundled Tower macro).

Best regards,

That´s exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much. I think I´ve missed the Y in the Sequence, that makes more sense now for me, thank you once again!


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